On pointe in the Old Town

This past Saturday I met up with Christina Gaharia and Felicia Andersson in Stockholm’s Old Town for a ballet photoshoot. The weather forecast said that it would clear up during the afternoon, so our plan was to first shoot in the Old Town, where we could hide the grey sky behind buildings, and then head to Riddarholmen for the sunset. Spoiler alert, it did not clear up. Our first stop was Mårten Trotzigs gränd, which with its 90 centimeters is the narrowest alleyway in Stockholm. There were quite a lot of tourists, but somehow we managed to get a few photos there. Some of the other people even did their own versions of the dance photos, which was fun to see.

Felicia Andersson in Mårten Trotzig’s alley. In this photo I tried removing the graffiti from the walls.
Christina Gaharia in the same alley.
Felicia Andersson. We wandered around in the Old Town looking for nice little streets to use as backdrops. A guided tour is quickly approaching.
Christina Gaharia
Felicia Andersson. I like to include other people in the photos, it adds a bit of character to the photos.
Felicia Andersson. Before heading out on the photoshoot I had browsed Google Maps to see what could be good places to photograph in, and this was one of the places that the Street View had found for us.
Felicia Andersson. The same street as the above photo, but in the opposite direction.
Christina Gaharia
Felicia Andersson and Christina Gaharia. This beautiful location was another Google Maps find, search for Brantingtorget if you are curious where it is located. We would never have found it if we did not know where to look. Shooting the archway from the inside, we got a very dramatic light with lots of shadows.
Christina Gaharia. Here I did a brighter exposure to show more of the surrounding.

The skies had not cleared up, but we decided to stick to our old plan anyway and headed out to Riddarholmen.

Christina Gaharia with the City Hall in the background.
Felicia Andersson, doing a Grand Jete.
Felicia Andersson
Christina Gaharia
Felicia Andersson doing one last jump before it was time to call it a day.

We also made a little behind the scenes video during the photoshoot:

A big thank you to Christina and Felicia for a fun ballet photoshoot!

If you want to see more ballet photos, check the ballet tag on the blog.

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— Johannes

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