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One Sunday morning three weeks ago Vinciane Jones and I went out for a photoshoot in the Centre of Cambridge. After a period of cold weather the warmth had finally arrived in Cambridge. We started outside King’s College and walked in a small circle in the centre.

The sun was shining between two buildings. This meant that Vinciane could stand in the sunlight while part of the background would be in shadow, giving her great figure to ground relationship.
In front of the chapel. Again here taking advantage of the fact that the cluttered background was in shadows. I would have liked to shoot closer to the chapel, but with my 50mm lens I could not fit it all in. Next time I have to bring my 35mm lens intead.
Here again on Trinity Street we make use of the shadow on the walls behind Vinciane to make her stand out against the background. This is different from the shoot with Kaiti where we instead avoided the sun as much as possible.
Trinity Lane
Here we are playing a bit with movement and light.


More hair movement and different angles.
The last bit of our shoot we did on the backs behind King’s College with the Chapel in the background.

It was fun to do a dance photoshoot again, it had been quite a while since the last one. Many thanks to Vinciane Jones for joining me in the early morning!

You can find more dance photos in the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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