On the verge of blasphemy

Today I met up with Laura Batey, Jamie Webb, Clara Strandhoj and Johannes Ruckstuhl. We gathered at the Larkum studio to shoot a poster for Manon/Sandra by Michel Tremblay. It is a play about a wannabe-nun and a transvestite who are seeking their identity and meaning. You know, the usual. The other Johannes rigged lights, and as we started shooting the deafening fire alarm went off, so to escape it Laura, Jamie, Clara and I headed out on the streets of Cambridge, gunning it for the parking lot. There was quite a lot of improvisation and we got several interesting shots, before heading back to the Larkum studio again to resume the planned part of the photo shoot.

Jamie and Laura doing a test photo while we were waiting for Clara to show up with the green lipstick.

Manon: “The solution to everything is God”,
Sandra: “It doesn’t matter who, doesn’t matter when, where or why, the answer is always to fuck”

The rigged lights were pink, blue and white, which created this light.
“My mind is like a bird cage with the doors wide open.” On the streets of Cambridge, spreading joy.
Who knew driving a toy car could be so exciting.
Happy fans. I love these old ladies.
Morning after shot.
We gave up on the pink light and moved to the big window instead.
“When I’m not either on the prowl or fucking, I’m not alive.”
Praying for…
The daylight from the big window gives a really soft light.


The final poster:


Manon/Sandra plays at the ADC Theatre 29 April to 2 May, you can get your tickets on the ADC webpage.

– Johannes

Manon – Clara Strandhoj
Sandra – Jamie Webb

Production Team
Director – Laura Batey
Producer – Johannes Ruckstuhl
Photography – Johannes Hjorth


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