Operatic Odyssey

This past Sunday I met up with Laura Kaljunen, Natasha Träger and Nicole Persson for a photoshoot at the Royal Swedish Opera. Our plan was to do some photos first in the Golden Hall before the audience would arrive for the concert, and then once they opened house, we would go explore and see what we could find. The first half of the photoshoot was shot with my 35 mm lens, to get as much of the grand surroundings as possible. For the second half I switched to my 50 mm lens.

Laura Kaljunen in the Golden Hall at the Royal Opera.
Laura Kaljunen by the Christmas tree. A little boy walked in while we were shooting and looked awestruck.
Natasha Träger – Passe Retiré. We found this beautiful window in one of the stairwells.
Natasha Träger. It was not particularly late, but golden hour was already upon us, giving a warm orange light.
Natasha Träger getting creative with the poses by the window.
Nicole Persson.
Laura Kaljunen doing a tilt on pointe.
Laura Kaljunen and Nicole Persson. For some of the photos we supplemented the sun with a Speedlight.
Nicole Persson doing the scorpion by the window.
Laura Kaljunen. When the concert had started, we headed back to the Golden Hall for a few more photos there.
Nicole Persson

After the finishing photographing in the  Golden Hall we headed upstairs to one of the rehearsal rooms that was empty this afternoon. We wanted to do some studio-like dance portraits, and in one of the rooms was an old black paper backdrop that we borrowed.

Laura Kaljunen – Développé à la Seconde.
Natasha Träger – Développé à la Seconde.
Nicole Persson – Attitude.
Laura Kaljunen – Arabesque.
Nicole Persson

Many thanks to Laura, Natasha and Nicole for a fun photoshoot, and a big thank you to the Royal Opera for letting us photograph there.

For more ballet photos, check the ballet tag on the blog.

Instagram: Laura, Natasha, Nicole and Johannes

— Johannes

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