Paris when it Sizzles

Our adventure in Paris continued. After brunch at a nice little French café we continued walking along the river Seine, heading towards the Louvre. We stopped at many beautiful locations on the way, but we also found a few, should I say, more unconventional places for tourists to linger. This is the second part of the Paris blog posts, you can find the first part “Paris is always a good idea” here.

Annie Magee under a bridge in Paris
Annie Magee under Pont Alexandre III. This bridge provided some beautiful light, and with a white dress Annie stands out in the photo. When we arrived there was no-one there taking photos, but after a while people started stopping to take photos.
Genevieve McMahon and Lucy McMahon, sisters under a bridge
Genevieve and Lucy McMahon in the same spot.
Annie Magee doing yoga under a bridge in Paris
A bit of dare devil photography. Annie doing a yoga inspired pose.
Lucy McMahon doing a ballet pose on a bridge in Paris
Lucy McMahon on Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor which is a walk bridge over the river Seine. The bridge provided some strong compositional lines for us to play with and by shooting from the lower level Lucy’s pose is clearly visible against the blue sky.
Beautiful portrait of Genevieve McMahon
Genevieve McMahon photographed under the bridge.
Annie Magee on point in Paris
After crossing the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor we started to make our way towards the Louvre, but there were so many distractions on the way, like this beautiful alley of trees.
Annie Magee on point with a happy dog that was just passing by, and then joined our photoshoot
Annie made a new friend. This is Marlowe, part Border Collie and part Czech Wolf. He and his owners were walking past us and we asked if it would be alright for him to join our photoshoot for a bit.
Genevieve and Lucy doing a two person pose
Genevieve and Lucy McMahon. We really liked this alley of trees, so played around with several poses.
Genevieve McMahon, Johannes Hjorth and Anny Magee at the Louvre
We made it to the Louvre! Genevieve McMahon, Johannes Hjorth and Annie Magee. Photo by Lucy McMahon.
Annie Magee looking like Daenerys at Louvre
Playing with a slightly overexposed edit of the photo of Annie in front of the iconic glass pyramids at the Louvre.


Annie Magee posing on a bridge in Paris
Annie Magee on Pont des Artes. Here I have switched to a larger aperture which gave a shallower depth of field. I ended up enhancing the blur a bit in photoshop as well.
Photo with all there in front of Notre Dame
We made it to Notre Dame. The longest photoshoot I have done was coming to an end.
Genevieve McMahon looking at the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night
The evening view from our terrace.

This is the second blog post from the Paris trip, and here is the first “Paris is always a good idea” and last “We will always have Paris” blog post.

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