Pavia Hackathon 2020

This week the University of Pavia hosted the HBP Cerebellum Hackathon. I was invited to hold a tutorial about our touch detection framework Snudda which has just been submitted for publication. I brought my old trusted Nikon D700 with me, and also took some photos on my mobile phone.

The mountains on the way looked amazing, I took a few photos with my mobile phone before deciding to grab my camera out of the cabin baggage. Just after I finished photographing the seat belt sign lit up as we were about to land.
Arriving in Pavia.
Wandering the city around seven in the evening looking for an open dinner restaurant is not trivial, most of the places open at eight.
Monday morning, arriving at the University of Pavia.
Jens Egholm Pedersen, Juan Pablo Romero Bermudez and Petrut Antoniu Bogdan
The mist descended over Pavia, and it was colder than Stockholm had been when I left.
Egidio D’Angelo
Benjamin Cumming
Claudia Casellato
Group photo just before we wrapped up the meeting.

Many thanks to Egidio and Claudia for the invitation, and to everyone who participated!

— Johannes

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