Peterhouse May Ball 2015

After photographing at Magdalene May Ball Flo Best and I headed over to Peterhouse. Why do only one white tie ball when there are two going on the same evening? It was after two in the morning when we arrived but there were still plenty of people there having fun.

We did a few photos of the people dancing in the old court. In this particular dance people would take turns dancing while the others waited on the sides. We had the idea to use a longer exposure so that the moving people would be blurry while the ones waiting would be sharper as they were standing still. That was an interesting plan, and we got some ok shots but none that really stood out.
Nicholas Hulbert and Shanti Daffern at the silent disco. Here we were using a flash to freeze the motion with a front synched flash, then 1/10 second meant I could move the camera and create a colourful background.
A similar photo, but this time spinning the camera to get a different look.
I like the more abstract nature of this dance photo.
More dancing! Julia Nielsen and Alice Carlill.
A bit of late night ice cream while wrapped in warming blankets.
Helena Blair and Pete Skidmore.
Christiana Smyrilli with the Ferris wheel in the background.
Christiana Smyrilli and Johannes Hjorth. Photo by Flo Best.
We continued our exploration of the college grounds.
They had installed a carousel next to the paris wheel. Here a group of ball goers and their mobile phone on a selfie-stick.
Two ball goers that we ambushed with the camera.
Can you see where we placed the flash in this photo?
The big bright light was almost like a man-made full moon, so we asked the couple to the right in the previous photo to pose for us.
Back to the dance floor. This was the third time this night when we arrived just as the band was wrapping up. Our timing could have been better.
A group of happy lads.
Nicholas Hulbert
Rebecca Hare and guy a in a suit.
Happy couple posing for us.
As we were taking photos here several other couples lined up in a queue to get their photos taken. Here Steve Campbell and Charlotte Akers.


Robert Thomas
Kay Dent and Robert Thomas.
Horseplay with Helena Blair until the man came and told us to sit down and behave on the carousel. Health and Safety first. Here I am again experimenting with a longer shutter time to capture motion which sacrifices a bit of sharpness.
Pete Skidmore and Robert Thomas.
Robert Thomas, Helena Blair and Pete Skidmore.
Five May Balls done, one to go.

Many thanks to Peterhouse May Ball committee and to Flo Best for helping me with the flash photographing.

For more May Ball photos check out the May Ball category on the blog.

– Johannes

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