Playing with Hoops

Today Joanne Jordan and I did a circus inspired photo shoot. Our hope was to find a lone tree in a field where we could hang a circus hoop from for Joanne to do some aerial acrobatics, but that turned out to be trickier than expected. In the end we settled for a field without a tree and did some ground based photos instead.

I like the framing with the trees. Here Joanne is better separated from the background than in the cover photo.
When you do not have any trees nearby you can use a hula hoop as a frame. Here under the harsh sunlight I asked Joanne to turn her face to the sun to avoid shadows in the face and under the eyes.
A bit of movement, with the hair and the dress.
This is my favourite photo of the day, with the hoops framing Joanne.

Many thanks to Joanne for a fun afternoon.

– Johannes

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