Poetry in Motion

Vinciane Jones is organising a poetry inspired dance show called “Poetry in Motion” that will run 24-28 January 2017. What better place to do a photoshoot then, than to do it in an old Library. Normally they open the Peterhouse Library at 9:00, but they madeĀ an exception and opened the library for us at 8:00, so we would have an hour before the students arrived. We went there a couple of days before to scout the location and find suitable spots, so we would know what to do on the day.

Maria Baya and Michael Ha. By adding a little bit of motion to the pose, the photo came alive.
Daphne Chia. As the library was a bit dark, we used one flash to light Daphne.
Breakdancers, Evan Herbert and Evald. There is the easy way to read the book, and then there is the break dancer way.
Daphne Chia. “Do you want me to use a chair?”
Vinciane Jones
Michael Ha and Maria Baya

Reviews: Varsity (4.5/5), TCS (9/10)

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