Poetry in the Botanic Garden

Rebekah and I had been talking about doing a poetry photo shoot for some time, and today we finally managed to find time to do it. Alicia Krozer and her friend Stella also joined us at the Botanic Garden. We spent about an hour and a half inside one of the trees – long story. Here are some of the photos, based on poems by Rebekah.

Alicia Krozer
This photo is not photoshopped more than adjusting the colours and contrast. We used a prism to capture Alicia’s scream.

I think poetry and photography make for an interesting combination. Poetry adds more depth and meaning to the photos, also it helps trigger our creativity. Many thanks to Rebekah, Alicia and Stella for a fun photo shoot. If you enjoyed this then check out Rebekah’s blog, and have a look at this previous poetry photo post.

– Johannes

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