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This past weekend I met up with Lenita Larsson, Helle Carlstedt and Therese Larsson for a pole dance photoshoot by the Blue Lagoon in Ekerö located about an hours drive away from central Stockholm. Lenita and Helle are running the Vida Pole studio in Stockholm, and they brought along a portable pole that we could place on any flat surface. Of course, just placing it on any flat surface would have been too easy, so Lenita suggested we could try to place it in the water.

Lenita Larsson placing the pole in the water.
Remember the thing about needing a flat surface? Well it turns out most sand beaches have a bit of a slope. Here Lanita is trying to dig the pole legs deeper into the sand.
Lenita Larsson on the pole, hanging above water looking down at her own reflection.
Success! The pole seems stable enough! Lenita Larsson trying out the balance, while avoiding all some big fish.
Helle Carlstedt on a pole dancing pole above water.
Helle Carlstedt on the pole. This was a slippery affair, but after a few tries, a towel and some magic anti-water bottle it worked.
Lenita Larsson on a pole dancing pole.
Lenita with her pink cape, superwoman style.
The Vida Pole gang, Therese Larsson, Lenita Larsson and Helle Carlstedt, standing in the Blue Lagoon.
Therese Larsson, Lenita Larsson and Helle Carlstedt
Therese Larsson pole dancing above water, out in the Blue Lagoon.
Therese Larsson on the pole. By being lower on the pole Therese and the reflection got closer to one another.
Photo of Therese Larsson's great pose, and the reflection of the pose in the water below her.
Therese Larsson defying gravity. She had to hang there in a shoulder mount for a while so that the ripples in the water would settle.
Therese Larsson doing an extended butterfly on the pole dancing pole.
Therese Larsson doing an Extended Butterfly. Since we had an overcast day I decided to turn a few of the photos black and white.
Helle Carlstedt pole dancing in nature.
Helle Carlstedt. Here I was experimenting with a lower contrast and a slightly blue-green-greyish tone.
Helle Carlstedt doing a pole dancing Handspring
Helle Carlstedt doing a Handspring. We did not have the lagoon all by ourselves, so had to photoshop out some people that had a picnic in the background.
Helle Carlstedt doing a butterfly on the pole with the Blue Lagoon in the background.
Helle Carlstedt doing a Butterfly
Therese Larsson pole dancing at the Blue Lagoon.
Therese Larsson
Therese Larsson doing a Cross Ankle Release, on the pole dancing pole.
Therese Larsson in a Cross Ankle Release
Therese Larsson and Helle Carlstedt pole dancing together.
Therese Larsson and Helle Carlstedt improvising some two people pole poses.
Therese Larsson on the pole dancing pole with a colourful umbrella.
We finally remembered we had brought some props to play with. Here is Therese Larsson doing her best Merry Poppins imitation.

This was a really fun photoshoot. We had originally planned to do it in the evening, but the weather gods decided to change the sunny forecast to rain. The cloud cover meant that we had softer shadows. Stay tuned for more pole dancing photos in the future, and if you are interested in taking up pole dancing in Stockholm have a look at Vida Pole.

A big thank you to Therese, Lenita and Hella!

You can find more pole dance photos on the blog here.

— Johannes


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