Pole SM 2018 Artistic

New for this year during Pole SM 2018 was Artistic Pole. The competition took place right after the Pole Sport competition, and in Artistic Pole the focus is on telling a story with the performance. For this part the house lights were turned off above the scene, and the performers were lit by spotlights and a few LED light panels. This moody light is both a blessing and a curse. It is much more difficult to get consistent photos as the performers move in and out of the light, but when it works out you can get some spectacular shots.

Emina Swed. This and the next photo were taken during the rehearsal, before the competition started.
Johanna Starborg
Emilia Mimmi Roosmark
Emilia Mimmi Roosmark
Emilia Mimmi Roosmark
Emina Swed
Emina Swed
Fanny Jannerlid-Söderberg
Nina Agda Elnertz
Jenny Hallkvist
Frida Wigur
Frida Wigur
Polina Zak
Anna Valfson and Slava Ruza
Slava Ruza and Anna Valfsson

This concludes the Pole SM for this year. If you want to see more pole dance photos, check the pole dance tag on the blog.

Instagram: @johanneshjorth

Many thanks to the organisers and pole dancers for a fun day!

— Johannes

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