This week the main show at the ADC Theatre is Pravda, written by Howard Brenton and David Hare, directed by Hazel Lawrence (read her interview here). I was there for parts of their tech rehearsal. The play looked good despite some parts of the stage not being finished yet. Some of the photos below are in character, and some are out of character photos that I liked because they showed the great atmosphere on and around the stage.

Alisdair McNab in the front. Back row Declan Amphlett, Emma Blacklay-Piech, Rebecca Cusack, Oliver Jackson, Enrico Hallworth, Martin Dunne, Kate Little, Ben Hawkins and Sam Knights.
Kay Dent and Enrico Hallworth.
Kay Dent
Kate Little, Kay Dent and Sam Knights
Alasdair McNab
PersonA and Alasdair McNab.
PersonA, Alasdair McNab and Alice Carlill
Alice Carlill
Alasdair, PersonA and Alice.
Oliver Jackson, Rebecca Cusack, Sam Knights, Martin Dunne and Pete Skidmore.
Enrico Hallworth and Kay Dent
Kay Dent, Alisdair McNab and Enrico Hallworth.
Alasdair McNab, Alice Carlill and Sam Knights.
Kay Dent, Alisdair McNab, Enrico Hallworth, Alice Carlill, Ben Hawkins, Sam Knights, Ben Walsh and Pete Skidmore.
Alasdair McNab, Alice Carlill and Sam Knights.

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I also have a few photos from the dress rehearsal that I might add later. But why wait for me to do that when you can get your tickets to Pravda from the ADC webpage and see it for yourself!

– Johannes

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (5/10), The Tab (63/100), Varsity (2/5)

Lambert Le Roux – Alasdair McNab
Andrea May – Kay Dent
Esther Sylvester – Alice Carlill
Billie Smiley – Kate Little
Roger Foley – Enrico Hallworth
Hamish McClennan – Sam Knights
Elliot Fruit-Norton – Sam Knights
Sir Stamford Foley – Pete Skidmore
Harry Morrison – Alec Burt
Moira Paterson – Rebecca Cusack
Y.O.P. worker – Danni White
Michael Quince MP – Ben Hawkins
Ben Silk – Pete Skidmore
The Bishop of Putney – Ben Walsh
Cliveden Whicker-Baskett – Declan Amphlett
‘Whipper’ Wellington – Pete Skidmore
Waiter – Alec Burt
Larry Punt – Declan Amphlett
Doug Fantom – Martin Dunne
Leander Scroop – Pete Skidmore
Princess Jill – Emma Blacklay-Piech
‘Breaker’ Bond – Ben Walsh
Hannon Spot – Oliver Jackson
Imogen Ape-Warden – Rebecca Cusack
Bert – Martin Dunne
Bingo Winner – Declan Amphlett
Newsvendor – Rachel Bircher, Martin Dunne, Emma Blacklay-Piech, Alec Burt, Oliver Jackson
Reporter – Rebecca Cusack, Declan Amphlett
Compositor – Ben Walsh
Young Journalist – Enrico Hallworth
Cindy – Emma Blacklay-Piech
Newsvendor – Kate Little
Reporter – Rachel Bircher
Anthea the Lovely Assistant – Rachel Bircher
Reporter – Sam Knights
Dennis P.P. Payne – Sam Knights
Commentator voiceover – Tom Stuchfield
Cheese Sandwich – Cheese Sandwich

Production Team
Assistant Director – Inge-Vera Lipsius, Danni White
Producer – Eleanor Mitchell
Director – Hazel Lawrence
Sound Designer – Jen Hutchings
Costume Designer – Genevieve Doyle, Ruby Maclennan
Publicity Designer – Chloe Carroll
Lighting Designer – Kathryn Dodds
Composer – Oliver Vibrans
Master Carpenter – Toby Molyneux
Assistant Stage Manager – Genevieve Cox
Accent Coach – Thomas Hansen, Michael Friedman
Dance and movement choreographer – Lucy Moss
Assistant Stage Manager – Saskia Baylis
Stage Manager – Emmy Ravenshaw
Set Designer – Chloe Carroll
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
CLX – James Murdey
Deputy Stage Manager – James Ireland
Programme Designer – Johannes Ruckstuhl

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