Presens och Imperfekt

One of my former colleagues Mikael Lindahl has been doing improvisation theatre now for a while, and last week I got a chance to see one the shows he is in called “För sakens skull” where the audience brings items that are then used as a starting point for the improvisation sketches. The humour group is called “Presens” (present tense), and this particular constellation calls themselves “Imperfekt” (imperfect). We met up a couple of hours before the show started, so I could do some photos before the show which meant I could move around without having to worry about blocking an audience. Here are some of my favourite photos from the evening.

Angelica Regnell, My Gudmunsdotter and Elias Bjärgvide
Erik Broström, Mikael Lindahl and Angelica Regnell,
My Gudmunsdotter, Erik Broström, Elias Bjärgvide and Carl Wernhoff
Mikael Lindahl and Anders Häggström
My Gudmunsdotter, Erik Broström and Angelica Regnell
My Gudmunsdotter and Erik Broström
My Gudmunsdotter and Mattias Gerenstien
My Gudmunsdotter, Mattias Gerenstien and Erik Broström
Erik Broström, Angelica Regnell and John Sass
Mikael Lindahl and Elias Bjärgvide

You can read more about the humour group Presens here. Keep an eye out for their next performance!

For more theatre photos, see the theatre category on the blog.

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