Rainy Sunday

This past Sunday the skies were covered with thick clouds, and the rain was pouring down. Nora Svendsgård and Alicia Wegmüller took the train to Näsbypark just before lunch and joined me for an indoor dance photoshoot. Some of you might know that I bought an apartment last year that I have slowly been renovating. I have done a few photoshoots in there, and together they document the progress that I have made over time.

Nora Svendsgård improvising in the window light. The walls of the room are freshly painted, and the last thing is to sort out the floor. I am kind of happy it got a bit delayed, because it looks pretty great with the paint stains for this photo.
Nora Svendsgård. I really like this pose, the light and the colours. The ceiling is 2.5 meters high, which means that you can see a bit of it in some of the photos when shooting from a lower angle like this. A clean photo with fewer distractions puts more focus on the dancer, so I spent some time post processing to remove the ceiling by painting it over with the wall texture.
Nora Svendsgård. What is not visible in this picture is that I have finally got electricity installed on the upper floor. The keen eye can actually see a white wall socket just behind the radiator.
Alicia Wegmüller. I really like the light, and the colour of the walls which creates a great atmosphere for the dancers. Special thanks to my sister-in-law Sophie who suggested “Tant Johannas grön” (Aunt Johanna’s Green paint).
Alicia Wegmüller. It was really fun to photograph in this room. This time I had brought my 35 mm lens, which allowed me to be closer to the dancers and still get both them and a bit of the surrounding.
Alicia Wegmüller. This was shot in the upper living room. Here we had covered the parquet floor with a roll of paper, but it required a bit of Photoshop to clear out the borders.
Alicia Wegmüller. This is what the parquet floor on the ground floor looks like. I like that mood of the photo, and Alicia’s pose.
Nora Svendsgård has a great creative mind. Here we were experimenting with capturing her scarf in motion.
Alicia Wegmüller. A colour photo of the floor. I will put white skirting around the room, but for photos I wonder if no skirting actually looks better as there is no sharp white distracting line between the floor and the walls. If it is still like this in a few months, then you know it is intentional…
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård and Alicia Wegmüller. Crown of Hands.
Alicia Wegmüller. We are back in the upper living room which has the biggest windows and brightest light. This herringbone floor is in bad need of a sanding, which is the next thing I have planned.
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård. Here we experimented with longer shutter times to capture the motion of the scarf and the spinning umbrella.
Nora Svendsgård and Alicia Wegmüller

Many thanks to Nora and Alicia for helping me document the progress of the renovation, and of course for a fun dance photoshoot!

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– Johannes

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