Reed October

This past Saturday Elea Standal, Nora Sofie Smedbakken Hov and Isa Wig from Balettakademien joined me for an autumn photoshoot in Näsbypark. We had a bit of luck with the weather, and the sun peaked through the cloud cover, curiously looking at us little humans going about our lives on the surface below the skies. We started the photoshoot by the water at Kråkudden, with the yellow reeds.

Isa Wig. Isa’s pose worked really well with the dark sky and dramatic light on the rocks.
Nora Sofie Smedbakken Hov. The wind really helps add atmosphere to Nora’s pose. Time and time she got the hair in her face, but it helps add to the movement and drama.
Isa Wig. When the sun was out it was quite warm, but when it hid again the wind made it a bit chilly. We tried to adapt the poses to the mood of the light.
Elea Standal. The light shifted quite quickly depending on if the sun was covered by clouds or not, and every time it peeked through we rushed to capture it.
Isa, Elea and Nora among the reeds.
Isa was helping Nora balance on the feet of Elea, and then had to quickly dash out of the frame for the shot. She was fast, but not always fast enough. But we felt it added something to the dynamic of the photo of Nora.

We then had a lunch break before continuing in the Green Room, where the light shifted between soft and hard, as the sun went in and out of the clouds.

Elea Standal
Isa Wig
Isa and Nora
Elea had brought with her some of the autumn colours into the Green Room.
Nora and Elea
Isa Wig. Here we were experimenting with perspective distortion using a 20mm lens.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Nora, Elea and Isa for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Nora, Elea, Isa, Johannes

— Johannes

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