Rent photo shoot

We did a morning photo shoot for Rent at the end of January. While the cast got dressed Josie Wastell, Sam Payne, Victoria Bellamy and I were in the theatre rigging the lights. Or rather Sam and Josie were doing all the heavy work and Victoria and I were looking on, feeling rather funny in our helmets. The play is directed by Gabbie Bird with Josie as producer. We were there to do some promotion photos for the play, for a poster and some Facebook and twitter spamming.

I took a few photos in the dressing room while the cast was getting ready. Toby Marlow before the transformation into Angel. He was in Spring Awakening that I did some photography for, but played a very different character there.
Mirrors are my friends, here Megan Thorpe.
Toby Marlow, after the transformation.
Oli MacFarlaine in the background plays Mark, the film maker. In the foreground Emily Murray.
Angel stepping it up a notch.
Oli, Jonah Hauer-King and Megan Thorpe.
Tyler Hagy, Megan Thorpe, Jonah Hauer-King, Oli Farlane, Toby Marlow, Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Emily Murray and Jossie Evans.

hjorthmedh-rent-photo-shoot-group-2There you have it! A small teaser. You can find the tickets for the play on the ADC webpage. It was a fun and crazy photo shoot!

– Johannes


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