Riley and Kandinsky: Curiouser and curiouser

Today Joanna Vymeris joined me for a photo session. We spent a good amount of time looking for different images to use, which was quite fun since I saw a lot of art that I had never seen before. Here is a selection of the photos from the day.

We used a painting by Riley as a backdrop for our first image. Joanna is a wizard when it comes to posing. There is also a second painting by Rothko blended into the mix during post processing.
Cornell provided the second background we used. Here we were trying to place Joanna within the box. The colours were a bit tricky to get right with the white balance. The projector seems to add a bit of green, and the contrast was not very strong in the image. In the end I resorted to black and white.
One of the paintings had a doorway, and we were thinking of placing Joanna in it. Unfortunately my apartment does not extend further to the left, so we could not photograph the door from the right angle. We did, however, get some interesting photos, like this one.
Kandinsky provided the backdrop to this photo. I love the jump Joanna managed to pull off. It is funny how things like this keep happening in my living room.
We added a flash to light up Joanna from the left. I then had to add a bit of contrast back in post processing. I like the pose and her hair.
We talked about Alice in Wonderland, and how she got smaller at one point. For this composite photo we recruited the help of Gill who acted as hand model for the day.

A glimpse from today’s photo shoot. Many thanks to Joanna and Gill! It was really fun to hear them discuss the different paintings and throw around suggestions. Next time, let’s do the “Alice in Wonderland” theme at that old abbey/church place. To be continued…

– Johannes


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