Salon Solstice

The winter solstice was on Monday December 21, at 11:02. The day before I met up with Lea Sjövall and Li Johansson for a photoshoot. By the time we started the sun had already set, so we had to rely on the studio lights. For this shoot we decided to start in my living room, which has a bit more space, plus some new linnen curtains, that together creates a different look than the Green Room.

Li Johansson while we were testing out the lights placement.
Li Johansson
Li Johansson. Experimenting with minimal light.
Li Johansson
Li Johansson
Lea Sjövall. In this and the next shot I photoshopped out the big soft box to create a cleaner look.
Lea Sjövall
Lea Sjövall

We then changed to the Green room, which provides a bit cleaner backdrop.

Li Johansson playing with a cloth that has made a few guest appearances in photoshoots before.
Li Johansson. We added my new LED lights to the mix.
Lea Sjövall. The latest version of photoshop has upgraded the split toning controls, so you can not only control the highlights and shadows, but also the midtones. Playing around with those settings to see how they impact the mood of the photo.
Li Johansson
Li and Lea’s shadow,
Lea and Li, lots of fun!
Li and Lea
Li Johansson
Li and Lea
Lean and Li
Li and Lea. Final shot of the day.

Many thanks to Li and Lea for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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