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This past Saturday I met up with Daniel Goldsmith and Pebbles Jimsdotter for a ballet photoshoot at the Quarry in Hamra. Daniel previously danced at the Royal Swedish Ballet and now dances at Béjart Ballet in Lausanne and it was really fun to have a chance to photograph with such an experienced dancer. Here is a selection of my favourite photos from the afternoon and evening.

Daniel Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith

We found a beautiful piece of bare rock wall that we decided to use for the background for the next set of photos.

Daniel Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith
Pebbles Jimsdotter and Daniel Goldsmith


Daniel Goldsmith. There was a cliff with a big white cloud behind it, that provided a great photo spot. “Man against nature.”
Daniel Goldsmith. Experimenting with different framings.
Daniel Goldsmith. Next it was time for the smoke grenade. The first one we used was a burst grenade, and we had planned a sequence of 3-4 poses, but it burned out after just the first pose. The second grenade we used was a normal smoke grenade that did not generate as much smoke, so we decided to move to a different location as the wind was quite strong up there.
Daniel Goldsmith. There were sand dunes provided a soft landing, but jumping off proved a bit tricky as the sand gave way.
Daniel Goldsmith. One interesting timing tip for shooting jumps and other poses from Daniel was to breath in, where you stop breathing in is where the photo is taken, as that synchronises with the breathing and movement of the dancers.
Daniel Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith. Time for the last set of smoke grenades. We waited for the wind to temporarily die down before igniting it. Daniel jumped down and then ran back up for a few repeat jumps. Here I lay down on the sand hill to get a clear sky as the background for the shot.
Daniel Goldsmith
Pebbles and Daniel

Thanks to Daniel and Pebbles for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Daniel, Pebbles and Johannes

— Johannes

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