Season of Colours

I met up with Alma Edbom in Näsbypark for an autumn themed photoshoot. The weather forecast had been a bit uncertain, and we were not entirely sure what to expect, but the sun came through the clouds at one point and gave us beautiful light. We then went indoors for the second half of the photoshoot.

Alma Edbom. This tree at Kråkudden has been featured a few times now on this blog.
Alma Edbom. The cloudy skies are starting to thin out a bit, and more sunlight is coming through.
Alma Edbom. Playing with frames. Even though I have been here many times I try to find new angles.
Alma Edbom. The golden morning light worked really well with the colour palette of Alma’s outfit.
Alma had brought an entire suitcase of different outfits, so we decided to try to use as many as possible to get different looks.
So normally I would always have the dancer in focus, but here I wanted to experiment with what it would look like having her out of focus. I probably should have worked more with the foreground elements, but it is the start of something.
Alma Edbom
Alma Edbom. Time for the red dress, which worked really well against the water.
Alma Edbom
Alma had brought a beautiful skirt which was semi-transparent, so we wanted to shoot with it against the sun.
Alma Edbom. It is always fun to use big knitted sweaters and see what new shapes you can create with them.
When you see it you see it. “Cyclops”
Next we went indoors.
Just a small twist of the head adds so much to the feel of the photo.
The sun was going in and out of the clouds, and each time it came out we only had a few seconds or a minute to capture the shadow pattern before it would disappear again.
Alma Edbom
Alma Edbom
Alma Edbom playing with a plastic sheet.
Mirror mirror on the wall…
Alma Edbom. Last photo of the day.

Many thanks to Alma for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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