Sisterhood can be either by blood, or by choice. Last Sunday Linn Bergh and Julia Sikell Arnet came to Näsbypark for an afternoon photoshoot. We met up at the train station and headed down to Kråkudden, but the regular spot was crowded with sun worshippers, so we instead headed for the reeds.

Julia Sikell Arnet. There was a little clearing in the reeds, so we used it for framing.
Julia Sikell Arnet. Here I moved closer. All these outdoor shots are photographed with my 85mm lens.
Julia Sikell Arnet and Linn Bergh. With two dancers in front of the camera, we get more dynamic. Here Linn had the idea that one of them would be trying to reach upwards, while the other one tries to drag them down. You can see the scene coming to life here.
Linn Bergh and Julia Sikell Arnet

We kept photographing for a bit over an hour and half, before we decided to head indoors and photograph in the green room.

Julia.. We placed a laced cloth over the window to create some shadow patterns.
Linn Bergh. Direct sunlight creates strong shadow lines.
Linn Bergh
Linn and Julia. This photo was a bit of a surprise, when looking through them afterwards we realised that Linn’s hand looked like a bird beak.
Julia. Isolation.
Julia. We worked a lot with expression, trying to portrait a feeling.
Julia. This pose is inspired by Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram.
Linn Bergh. For the last part of the photo session we pulled down the blinds and created lines of light and shadows.
Linn and Julia

Many thanks to Linn and Julia for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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