Squad Goals

Yesterday I did a dance photoshoot with Michelle Holmström, Alicia Widlund and Princess Lyka Alexander. We had around 30°C in Stockholm, but luckily it was a bit cooler under Tranebergsbron. Below are some of our favourite photos from the day. Enjoy!

Michelle Holmström
Alicia Widlund. I like these strong diagonal lines that you get from the sun, they let you make interesting compositions. Black leather is not what I would recommend on a scorching hot summer day, but it does look great.
Alicia Widlund and Michelle Holmström
Alicia Widlund
Alicia Widlund. Moving into the shade gives softer shadows.
Alicia Widlund
Michelle Holmström and Alicia Widlund
Lyka Alexander arrived a bit late since she was travelling all the way from Gävle.
Alicia Widlund
Lyka Alexander was literally bouncing with energy, and delivered a series of great poses.
Lyka Alexander. This is how dancers sleep…?
Michelle Holmström, Alicia Widlund and Lyka Alexander. Squad time.
Alicia Widlund
Lyka Alexander
Lyka Alexander and Alicia Widlund. We were experimenting with creating different shapes. Here the goal was to continue the lines of the legs.
Lyka Alexander, Alicia Widlund and Michelle Holmström
Michelle Holmström. Moving closer to the water to include a bit of the bridge arc in the photos.
Lyka Alexander
Lyka Alexander, Alicia Widlund and Michelle Holmström. Squad goals.
Alicia Widlund
Alicia Widlund, Michelle Holmström and Lyka Alexander. One last photo before it was time to call it a day and get some late, and well-deserved lunch.

Many thanks to Michelle, Alicia and Lyka for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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