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Toby Marlow’s and Lucy Moss’ musical SIX returned to Cambridge as the ADC late show for a week. I had done some promotion shots for them back in June, but missed their performance at the Edinburgh Fringe, so I was really happy to be able to catch their Saturday performance in Cambridge. What a show! We did some quick shots before the show, and then I managed to snap a few pictures from the front row during the actual show, as well as a series of photos with those incredible LED lighted picture frames. It was a visual and musical wonder, below are some of my favourite photos from the evening.

Divorced, beheaded, live in concert!

The six wives of Henry VIII are back …performing their highly-anticipated show as the world-famous girl-group, SIX! Ripped from the pages of stuffy history books, this newly written musical has all the sass and sparkle of a 21st century pop concert performed by history’s most misunderstood women. 

With a live band and heaps of high-energy choreography, let SIX sing you through the hook-ups and heartbreaks hidden behind Henry – this is a punchy, herstoric retelling of events that will blow away the cobwebs!

After a sold out Edinburgh Fringe run, Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society’s original musical returns to the ADC. Get ready for a combination of some of the best writing, musical, acting, technical and creative talent in Cambridge!

(Text from Camdram)

Ashleigh Weir, Annabel Marlow, Holly Musgrave and Matilda Wickham. The Queens are gathering on stage, while the live band are getting ready in the background.
Annabel Marlow, Megan Gilbert and Holly Musgrave showing off some of their poses.
Annabel Marlow. Time for the microphone test, which lets me snap a few photos.
Matilda Wickham.
Ashleigh Weir and Holly Musgrave. One last posed photo before the house opened.

For the first few songs I snapped a few photos, but after that I decided to switch to filming the songs instead, so as not to disturb my neighbours too much with the shutter clicking.

“Welcome to the show, to the histo-remix
Switching up the flow as we add the prefix
Everybody knows that we used to be six wives”

“Listen up, let me tell you a story
A story that you think you’ve heard before”

“Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived,
But just for you tonight, we’re Divorced, Beheaded, LIVE!”

Megan Gilbert, Matilda Wickham, Ashleigh Weir, Annabel Marlow and Shimali de Silva.
Shimali de Silva.

“Sitting here all alone, on a throne, in a palace that I happen to own,
Bring me some pheasant, keep it on the bone”

“You – you said that I tricked ya
Coz I – I didn’t look like my profile picture”

“I’m the queen of the castle – get down you dirty rascals”

Ashleigh Weir and Megan Gilbert.
Megan Gilbert and Ashleigh Weir.

“We’re one of a kind – no category
Too many years – lost in history
We’re free – to take our crowning glory
For five more minutes – we’re SiX!”

“For FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE more minute – we’re SiX!”

The genius writers Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow.
Ashleigh Weird, Rebecca Fry and Annabel Marlow. Confetti recycling!
Ashleigh Weird playing with the picture frame.
Megan Gilbert.
Megan Gilbert and Jack Parham.
Joanna Ward and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach.
Toby Marlow.
Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow.
Jamie Armitage and Holly Musgrave.
Annabel Marlow and Toby Marlow.
Carolyn Musgrave, Holly Musgrave and Richard Musgrave.
Top row: Alex Barnett, Rebecca Fry, Tom Bevan, Ash Weir, Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss, Megan Gilbert, Annabel Marlow, Joanna Ward, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach, Noah Poulson and Alan Egan. Bottom row: Jack Parham, Shimali de Silva, Holly Musgrave, Jamie Armitage, Matilda Wickham, Joe Beighton, Sam Kirby and Joanna Cheng.

Many thanks to the SiX cast for a fun evening!

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Catherine of Aragon – Megan Gilbert
Anne Boleyn – Ashleigh Weir
Jane Seymour – Holly Musgrave
Anna of Cleves – Matilda Wickham
Katherine Howard – Annabel Marlow
Catherine Parr – Shimali de Silva

Drums – Ruari Paterson-Achenbach
Tenor Sax – Sam Kirby
Keys 1 – Joanna Cheng
Keys 2 – Noah Poulson
Keys 3 – Sam Kirby
Bass – Joanna Ward
Guitar – Max Goodall

Production Team
Producer – Alex Barnett
Director – Jamie Armitage
Composer/Writer – Toby Marlow
Writer – Lucy Moss
Musical Director – Ruari Paterson-Achenbach
Assistant Director – Anna Moody
Lighting Designer – Rebecca Fry
Sound Designer – Alan Egan
Set Designer – Jack Parham
Stage Manager – Alex Barnett
Graphic Designer – Zoe Yibowei
Costume Designer – Agnes Cameron
Orchestrator – Joe Beighton,Stephen Gage
ASM – Priya Bryant
Associate Producer – Tom Bevan
Lighting Focuser – Avi Velevski,Armand Feuilleaubois
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth, Laura Wells

Toby and Lucy took the musical to West End, and you can listen to the songs from there on Spotify.

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