This afternoon the cast of ‘Sögur’ (plural of saga in Icelandic) was rehearsing at the ADC Theatre bar. I joined them for a couple of hours. They are doing a relaxed theatre, a concept new to me. The story telling felt organic, as if we were just observing a group of friends reenacting the story.

Relaxed Theatre Company is devoted to creating accessible theatre for all, both in creative process and spectator experience. Monitoring technical aspects of our shows as well as ensuring adapted facilities are available means that we are consistently able to produce an experience tailored to any and every individual, regardless of identification with any traits that would make an audience member feel excluded from “normal” theatre. At RTC, everyone is welcome.

— Georgina Taylor, Director

Rachel Kitts and Aoife Blanchard
Aoife Blanchard, Elise Hagan, Rachel Kitts, Calum Maney, Nicolau Lutz, Tillie Curson, Eliza Bacon
Elise Hagan
Elise Hagan and Rachel Kitts
Rachel Kitts
Tillie Curson, Nicolau Lutz, Calum Maney, Eliza Bacon, Aoife Blanchard, Elise Hagan
Calum Maney, Eliza Bacon, Aoife Blanchard, Elise Hagan
Georgina Taylor
Calum Maney, Rachel Kitts, Eliza Bacon
Nicolau Lutz, Aoife Blanchard, Calum Maney
Rachel Kitts, Calum Maney
Tillie Curson
Elise Hagan, Tillie Curson
Calum Maney, Elise Hagan, Rachel Kitts, Nicolau Lutz
Elise Hagan, Rachel Kitts
Rachel Kitts, Elise Hagan

After the rehearsal finished we staged a few photos.

Rachel Kitts, Calum Maney
Elise Hagan
Elise Hagan
Rachel Kitts and Eliza Bacon
Tillie Curson, Rachel Kitts, Aoife Blanchard, Elise Hagan, Calum Maney, Nicolau Lutz, Eliza Bacon
Georgina Taylor, Georgina Evans
Nicolau Lutz, Rachel Lutz, Calum Maney
Sophie Foote, Tom Bevan, Eva O’Flynn, Charlie Morgan, Izzy Herschmann, Tillie Curson, Elise Hagan, Georgina Taylor, Georgina Evans, Aoife Blanchard, Eliza Bacon, Nicolau Lutz, Rachel Kitts, Ali Whaley, Calum Maney

Reviews: TCS (9/10)

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Jonna – Rachel Kitts
Troll Wife – Eliza Bacon
Parent – Aoife Blanchard
Traveller – Elise Hagan
Bartender – Nicolau Lutz
Townsperson – Calum Maney
Fisherperson – Tillie Curson

Production Team
Co-Producer – Georgina Evans, Georgina Taylor
Associate Director – Eva O’Flynn
Playwright – Ciaran Chillingworth
Stage Manager – Tom Bevan
Publicist – Amaya Holman, Laura Cameron
Community Outreach – Sophie Leydon
Assistant Stage Manager – Izzy Herschmann
Deputy Stage Manager – Charlie Morgan
Production Assistant – Ali Whaley
Set Assistant – Ava Heinonen
Community Outreach – Rhosanna Rigden
Director – Georgina Taylor
Sound Designer – Comrie Saville-Ferguson
Lighting Designer – Sophie Foote
Technical Coordinator – Georgina Evans
Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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