Some Voices

I am back in Cambridge for a visit, and started off the week with a photoshoot in Corpus Playroom together with the cast of ‘Some Voices’.

‘I haven’t seen you in years, I don’t even know who you are any more but, fuck, yes I’m here for you, Ray, and I put that in writing we go through a whole procedure and you don’t… appear to give a shit.’

Ray has been discharged from mental hospital. The play charts his attempt to rejoin the wider world, under the care of his sister, who, busy running a restaurant and short on sympathy, can’t stop her brother from drifting into old habits, especially not when his best friend is a drunken old man prone to apocalyptic rages. Relationships grow, patience shortens and long-silenced voices start talking again as Ray and his new life hurtle towards breaking point.

Text from Camdram.

Tim Atkin and Os
Amy Malone, Helen Vella Taylor and Os
Os and Helen Vella Taylor
Joe Tyler Todd, Helen Vella Taylor, Os and Tim Atkin
Joe Tyler Todd and Helen Vella Taylor
Helen Vella Taylor and John Tyler Todd
Helen Vella Taylor and John Tyler Todd
Os and John Tyler Todd
Amy Malone and Os
Amy Malone and Os
Os and Amy Malone
Os and Amy Malone
Amy Malone and Os
Amy Malone and Os
Tim Atkin
Helen Vella Taylor, Os, Tim Atkin and Amy Malone
Maya Yousif, Louis Norris, Amy Malone, Helen Vella Taylor, Chris L, Joe Tyler Todd, Os, Tim Atkin

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Ray – Os Leanse
Becky – Amy Malone
Laura – Helen Vella Taylor
Dave – Joe Tyler Todd
Ives – Tim Atkin

Production Team
Director – Louis Norris
Producer – Joyce Lee
Assistant Director – Maya Yousif
Associate Director – Faye Guy, Isla Cowan
Lighting Designer, Sound Designer – Chris L
Stage Manager – Ellie Greenberg
Costume Designer – Lorena Paton
Fight Choreographer – Jonathan Ben-Shaul
Set Builder – Toby Molyneux

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