Splash Dancing

On Monday evening I did a pole dance photoshoot with Julia Sjödin, Agnes Reiman, Andrea Westman and Valentin Zhybchyn. We headed out to Golö and after a bit of driving around we finally found a good beach spot by the end of Askviksvägen. The fantastic Swedish summer weather has continued throughout the week, and so on this day. Here are some of my favourite photos.

Andrea, Agnes and Julia carrying the pole into the water.
Andrea Westman. This is trickier than it looks, as the pole gets wet, it gets really slippery. So if you want to try this yourself, be prepared to have very little grip. Bring lots of towels!
Julia Sjödin
Julia Sjödin
Agnes Reiman
Julia Sjödin
Julia Sjödin
Julia, Andrea, Val and Agnes
Val, Julia and Andrea. For the second part of the photoshoot we moved back onto land, to be able to do some more advanced poses.
Julia Sjödin
Agnes Reiman
Julia and Agnes
Julia Sjödin with the reflector.
Andrea Westman
Agnes, Julia and Andrea. Storytelling mode.
Agnes and Julia
Julia Sjödin. Just past sunset and the sky became very colourful.
Andrea Westman. Working with the clouds to frame Andrea.
Andrea Westman floating in the air.
Agnes Reiman. Final photo for the evening.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Andrea, Julia, Agnes and Val for a fun evening photoshoot! Also thanks to Vida Pole for letting us use their X-Pole.

— Johannes

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