Spontaneous Sojourn

This past Tuesday I was at work, but I did not quite feel like Christmas was over, so after talking to my brother I booked a spontaneous three-day visit to Småland. Sandra was working every day this week, but Jonathan was home with the girls and happy to get some company. We also managed to do a bit on their house. Below are some photos I took during my visit.

Jonathan in their brand-new kitchen. There is still some work to be done, but already you could see what it is going to look like when it will be finished.
Little Sister playing a music game on the iPad.
Middle Sister and her friend.
Sandra getting ready to head out to the horses.
Thursday morning. Jonathan playing on the piano. Here I underexposed the photo, and framed Jonathan in the window, to get the dramatic silhouette.
Jonathan and I went for a morning walk with their dog Olav.
On the first day I had randomly walked into Hegethorns camera store to look at a lens I was curious about. They did have it, but they also had a really cool 200mm lens that I went back the next day to do some test photos with. Here Middle Sister was kind enough to model for me.
Jonathan shot this photo of me with the above mentioned lens.
Big Sister watching YouTube videos on how to draw people, and practising by drawing along with the video.
Little Sister, aka sock robber.
Big Sister checking Instagram on the phone.
The two new rooms on the top floor were not yet completed. Here Little Sister standing looking out through one of the new windows.
We were going for a moody photo, Little Sister nailed it.
Little Sister looking out through the window.
She wanted a photo with her giant stuffed horse.
Out playing in the garden.
Middle Sister wanted to do a winter bath, and started to prepare the outdoor bath tub. In the end it was not enough time, but perhaps next time.
Little Sister feeding the birds.
A view of the play house that Sandra built for the kids.
Little Sister building a snowman.
I suggested instead of using the bucket we should roll the snowball on the ground, and so we did.
A snowman needs arms, eyes and a nose. Little Sister makes sure it is a proper snowman in the garden.
Portrait of me shot by Middle Sister.
Big Sister reading her Christmas book, while Little Sister plays a game on the computer.
Last day, Jonathan and I out for a walk with Olav.

Many thanks to Smålands-Hjortharna for a fun visit.

— Johannes

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