Highlights of 2017

I started the blog back in 2014 and four years later there are now over 600 blog posts. This year I have met a lot of new people, and there are so many photoshoots that I am very happy with, so picking favourites for this post is a real challenge. You can click on the photos to get to the corresponding blog post if you want to see more photos from that shoot.

This is a photo of my niece and one of her friends. To get a better angle I lay down on the road, and my niece got really excited about running me over with the green electric car. She stopped just centimetres short of my head with a big grin on her face.

We did a photoshoot for the play Come back to bed. It was all photographed in Josh McClure’s student room, and proves that you do not need much more than a big window to get great light.

Jessica Murdoch

Another favourite photoshoot was I put a spell on you, which was born from the creative minds of Mathilda Wickham and Emma Blacklay-Piech. We even got a song recorded for this blog post, thanks to Holly Musgrave.

Emma Blacklay-Piech and Matilda Wickham

There were so many great dance photoshoots this year. For example during my work trip to Geneva I managed to meet up with a group of Swedish dancers for a few hours and we ended up in Lake Geneva.

Sofia Sangregorio from our Lady of the Lake photoshoot.

June is not complete without some Cambridge May Balls. This year I photographed Murray Edwards Garden Party, Trinity May Ball and the Corpus Christi May Ball.

Toby Marlow and Gabrielle McGuinness. The photos from the Trinity May Ball got picked up and featured by the Tattler in their onlooker section.

During the first six years of my life I lived close to Rönningesjön in Täby. Now I live but a few train stops away from it, but I rarely venture out there. So it was great to have an excuse to go there for a photoshoot. I remember walking around in this area, and it is funny how all the distances seemed much larger when I was a kid.

Tilda Kristiansson from our Lakeside photoshoot in Täby.

My brother and his family moved out of their old apartment in Stockholm, and for a week it stood empty. So for a short while I had my own private photo studio equipped with a projector. It just happened that Anna Holmström was in Stockholm during this time, and together we did a really fun photoshoot we named Virtual Ink.

Anna Holmström from our Virtual Ink photoshoot.

Who would have thought that you could take great ballet photos at a skateboard ramp? But that was the starting point for our ballet photoshoot in Rålambshovsparken. We arrived early so we could have the place to ourselves, but after a while we had to relocate as the place was getting crowded, luckily there was a nearby beach. Click the image below to see more photos with Moa Andreasson and Wilma Randler.

Moa Andreasson from Servants of Terpischore.

Stockholm has many great locations for photoshoots, but it is also fun to sometimes leave the city and go exploring. This past summer Lisa Scharp, Sofia Navas and I headed out to Nynäshamn where we took a boat and found a nice little island for our pole dance photoshoot.

Sofia Navas from Daughters of Tethys.

Another excursion in the archipelago was to Björnön. It took us a couple of hours to get out to the photo location, but it was well worth it. Towards the end of our photoshoot the shutter on my Nikon D810 broke, the camera was getting old, so I was just happy it had not broken earlier during the day. It did however mean that I had to use my old trusted D700 for the next few photoshoots while the D810 was repaired.

Rebecka Enholm from the Breaking Waves photoshoot.

Another interesting location I went to this year was Hamra grustag, where we did a rhythmic gymnastics photoshoot. We also experimented with smoke grenades, which turned out to be trickier than you might first expect. Below is one of the photos we did towards the end, inspired by the Lion King.

Ellen Kastensson from the Gravel and Grace photoshoot. Shot on my old Nikon D700 and the moon was added afterwards in photoshop.

The Nikon repair centre takes several weeks to fix a camera, but eventually had my old D810 back, with a shiny new shutter.

Cambridge visits usually mean a lot of photoshoots, so also when I visited in mid October. There was a great storm that brought a lot of sand from Sahara in over England, making the sun glow red, and creating a magical light for a few hours, which just happened to coincide with one of my photoshoots.

Sharla Petterson and Jack Neill

It is also fun to experiment with new techniques. For our photoshoot at the Royal Swedish Ballet School I had brought some fairy lights and a tripod, allowing us to experiment with longer exposures. By moving a light source you can paint the frame with light, which was what we did.

Samira Bethke at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

The last photoshoot of the year was also a dance photoshoot, shot at the Royal Institute of Technology together with Kae Mizumoto, Rio Morisawa and Ryo Sasaki from Japan.

Kae Mizumoto and Ryo Sasaki.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my photoshoots. Here is to a great 2018! Happy New Year!

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