Stepping into the Athenaeum

Holly Willis and Vinciane Jones joined me an early morning at Pembroke Old Library to do a dance photoshoot. The evening before there had been a party in there, so all the tables had been cleared away, in other words, perfect timing. The big windows provided a bit of light, but I brought a flash with me to make Holly and Vinciane stand out better against the background. We mainly did photos with the big windows in the background.

Vinciane Jones
Holly Willis
Holly Willis

Because I was shooting up at the windows the perspective got slightly warped, so to correct for that I used the perspective warp in Photoshop which allowed me to make sure that the edges of the window would be parallell and not converging at the top.

Holly Willis
Vinciane Jones
Holly Willis
Vinciane Jones

Many thanks to Holly and Vinciane for joining me on such an early Saturday morning!

— Johannes

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