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This past Wednesday Edith Björkman and Elsa Wretblad came out to Näsbypark for a photoshoot. I bought a ruffled Victorian collar and some old wooden frames a little while ago, and had been meaning to do a photoshoot with them for a while. I pitched the idea to Edith and she liked it. I am still on vacation, and Edith was also free the day after, so we went from idea to photoshoot within 24 hours.

Edith Björkman. I asked Edith what she envisions when she poses, and she says the bases it around “saknad”. Her great-grandmother recently passed away.
Edith Björkman. It is always fun to see how we can use the chairs that I have in different ways.
Edith Björkman and one of Elsa’s arm.
Elsa Wretblad. Elsa has this amazing ginger hair, that we wanted to showcase with some motion. She moved and threw her hair around, but it was not until we added the feathers that the picture really came alive.
Edith Björkman. The Victorian ruffled collar.
Edith Björkman
Edith Björkman

Edith dug up the old torn jeans that I have photographed with before and we combined them with the wooden frame and Elsa in a white dress for the next series of photos.

Edith and Elsa
Elsa and Edith
Elsa and Edith
Elsa Wretblad
Elsa Wretblad. A paper warrior.
Edith Björkman
Elsa and Edith
Elsa and Edith

Many thanks to Edith and Elsa for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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