Summer Solstice

On the last day of my stay in Cambridge I met up with Georgina Skinner for a photoshoot by the river Cam. We had our eyes on Hobson’s Folly, which is a little ruin right by the river. The longest day of the year was the day after (June 20th) which is what gave this blog post its name.

Hobson’s Folly lacks a roof, so there is a lot of light from above, some of it shaded by trees. The window provides a beautiful framing for Georgina.
Playing around with different angles.
Georgina brought out a mirror from her little bag, and I took the opportunity to snap this photo. Would have been great if the punt in the background had been a little closer.
Mirrors are fun.
A shot from the side of Hobson’s Folly. It is surprisingly easy to reach. It is just south of Lammas Land, by the river. You reach it from the east.
I like the soft light, and how it illuminates only half of Georgina’s face here. You can see some leaves in the foreground creating a bit of soft blur. I took a twig from a tree and held it in front of the camera.
One more photo with the twig in front of the camera. It was quite tricky to position it right.
Georgina had brought a scarf with her that we played around a bit with.
Time for a quick dress change. We stepped away from the Folly to see what other photos we could take.
We wanted to take a few ethereal photos, to do that I overexposed the shot to give the picture a different atmosphere. We had to hurry a bit, since there were quite a few punts approaching.
One last shot before I had to pack up my things and head off to the airport.

Many thanks to Georgina for a fun morning shoot!

I am not posting the photoshoots in chronological order, so there are more posts coming from this last trip. You can find more photos from my photoshoots with Georgina Skinner on the blog.

— Johannes

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