Sun Kissed Skin

Last weekend Fanni Pennanen and Aino Päivike came out to Näsbypark for a photoshoot at Kråkudden. They have both been studying at the Royal Swedish Ballet School for the last few years. Our aim was not so much to get posed photos, but rather to try to capture some beautiful photos in motion. I brought my new 85mm manual focus lens with me, which in combination with the motion-theme meant we did a lot of photos. Here is a selection of some of my favourites.

Fanni Pennanen by the water at Kråkudden.
Fanni Pennanen
Aino Päivike
Aino Päivike and Fanni Pennanen
Fanni Pennanen. Some of these photos have almost a studio feel to them. Shot with natural light and a silver reflector.

You might notice that some of these photos are sharp in some parts, and blurry in other parts, This is a consequence of using a tilt-shift lens, which changes the focusing plane so that it is no longer parallel to the imaging plane. I am still experimenting with it. The first dance photoshoot where I used it I had the tilt at the maximum angle 8.5 degrees. But now I am dialling it down a bit, to make the effect more subtle.

Fanni Pennanen. A bit like Rapunzel’s golden hair.
Fanni Pennanen and Aino Päivike. With two dancers in front of the camera they have opportunity to create something together, allowing us to capture the interaction.
Fanni Pennanen and Aino Päivike. Yin and Yang.
Fanni Pennanen and Aino Päivike
Aino Päivike. Elä,

Minä ennen empimättä
Lähden luonnon helmahan,
Tutkin luonnon ilmiöitä,
Etsin sieltä ihanan.

— Eino Leino

Fanni Pennanen had the idea to bring in some reeds and flowers.
Fanni Pennanen. Luo.
Aino Päivike
Aino Päivike
Fanni Pennanen
Fanni Pennanen. A great leap.
Aino Päivike. Can you see the lion among the clouds in the background?

Many thanks to Fanni and Aino for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Fanni, Aino, Johannes

— Johannes

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