Suvine seiklus

Selma Strandberg and Josef Jagger work at Vanemuine Teater in Tartu, but were in Stockholm for a few days, so we met up to do a dance photoshoot in Gamla Stan and on Skeppsholmen. We decided to get up early to avoid the crowds on the old streets. From there we wandered around a bit before ending up on Skeppsholmen for the last part of the photoshoot. It was really fun to photograph with Selma again, it was a few years now since we last did it back in 2019.

Josef Jagger on the streets of Gamla stan.

We then headed to a little secluded place that looks better than it smells. Actually this time the smell was not so bad, so we stayed there for a while as it has both great light and a great view of Riddarhuset.

Selma Strandberg on pointe. The sun came in and out of the clouds, so we got very different moods depending on if the sun was out or not. Here we managed to catch the sunlight.
Josef Jagger. Here you can see the softer light that we got when the sun was behind the clouds.
Josef Jagger

We also took the opportunity to do a few pas de deux photos.

Joe and Selma
Selma Strandberg
Josef Jagger outside Brantingtorget.
Selma Strandberg
Joe and Selma. Just by the ramps to Slottet there is a great little spot with nice light.
Selma and Joe
Selma Strandberg
Selma Strandberg

Many thanks to Selma and Joe for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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