Taming of the Shrew photoshoot

This Saturday morning started early as the only free time slot for the Larkum Studio at the ADC Theatre was 9-11am. The goal of the day was to take some profile photos for the Cambridge University American Stage Tour: Taming of the Shrew (CAST webpage). Laura Sedgwick had pre-rigged two spots to the front, and one blue light from the back, as well as a low front spotlight. In addition I brought two flashes, and a shoot-through umbrella. We ended up using all but the last spot light.

Our original idea had been to use a hazer to create a bit of a mist, which together with the low spotlight could look pretty good. Unfortunately the hazer was in use by another group, so we had to make do with a hot water kettle. We did get a bit of steam, but I think the best part of having the kettle was the laughter that it got. It made the whole shoot a bit more fun and playful. Here is a selection of my favourite photos from the shoot. The portraits, which were our main goal, are at the end.

Will Bishop and Gabbie Bird share a flag together.
Kate Reid and Will Bishop (this time as a nun). We were shooting Kate’s portrait and I asked Will to crash it. This was what we got.
Robbie Taylor Hunt and Olivia Stamp doing their impression of the perfect American couple.
Behind-the-scenes shot of how we used the kettle. Will got creative with the administration to avoid being in the shot, but the result was just me taking a few steps back to capture this shot instead.
Will Bishop, Julia Kass and Toby Marlow with Will Peck in the background as the grumpy flag carrier.
Robbie Taylor Hunt, Kate Reid and Marco Young. This feels almost like a promotion shot for one of those detective or lawyer series.
We want you to come see The Taming of the Shrew!
Sarah Mercer and Will Peck.
Will Peck and Alex Cartlidge recreating Grant Wood’s American Gothic.
Gabbie Bird with her flag again!
Jossie Ewans, Gabbie Bird, Olivia Stamp and Emma Hollows.
Kate, Sarah and Julia.
Julia, Sarah and Kate. All the three women were in black, so to get a bit of a silhouette we put the American flag behind Julia and Sarah.
Will, Julia, Kate and Toby with hollywood smiles.
Toby and Kate, not a happy couple.
Last shot of the day!

Here are the portrait photos. Click on the thumbnail to start a full screen slideshow.

Katherina – Kate Reid
Petruchio – Toby Marlow
Bianca/Biondello – Julia Kass
Lucentio – Will Bishop
Grumio – Will Peck
Baptista – Sarah Mercer
Gremio/Merchant – Marco Young
Hortensio/Vincentio – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Tranio – Aoife Kennan
Production Team
Tour Manager – Alex Cartlidge, Laura Sedgwick
Director – Kennedy Bloomer
Assistant Director – Gabbie Bird
Education Officer – Olivia Stamp
Stage Manager – Jossie Evans
Lighting Designer – Johannes Ruckstuhl
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Steam Wafteur – Will Peck
Designer – Emma Hollows

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