Te Vidare

Here is a glimpse from this week’s show from the Jazz/Commercial students at Balettakademien. You can find the complete album on my Facebook page.

 Henriette Bergendahl, Ellen Väisänen
Alva Norgren, Sofia Boström, Alice Olsson, Felicia Lindberg
Linda Östby
Alva Norgren
Henriette Bergendahl
Hilma Olofsson
?, ?, Melissa Johansson
Hilma Olofsson, Sofia Boström, Alva Larsson, Anna Harting
?, ?, Sissel Lewenhaupt, ?
Alva Norgren
Linda Östby
Ellen Väisänen, Sissel Lewenhaupt, Linda Östby, Sofia Boström, ?
Melissa Johansson, Sofia Boström, ?, Ellen Väisänen

Many thanks to Balettakademien for a fun evening!

— Johannes

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