The Picture of Dorian Gray

Today I did a promotion photo shoot with the cast and crew of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. We met up in Clare Cellars and then headed outside for the photo shoot. We did a few scenes in the backs before heading to the Clare Memorial Court.

On Camdram you can read the following about the play:

“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”

Dorian Gray; young, beautiful, innocent. A paragon of aesthetic virtue. Perfectly corruptible. After being inducted into the ways of hedonism by the unscrupulous Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian Gray makes an unnatural wish; that his portrait might age instead of himself, and that the signs of his sins might be soon on its canvas, rather than on his own faultless features. As all around him age and wither, Dorian alone remains without imperfection; eternally magnificent. But as his appetite turns to increasingly debauched tastes, darkness grows, and madness prowls.

Famously used at Wilde’s 1895 trial as evidence of his immoral nature, this June the infamous tale will be brought to life in the alluring surroundings of Clare Fellow’s Gardens.

“Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing”

We did a few quick photos with flash of Zoé Barnes before heading out.
Seth plays Dorian Gray. Ed Zephyr to the right in the picture. We used King’s Chapel as a beautiful backdrop.
Ed Zephyr
Seth and Ed Zephyr
This brushed metal sculpture was the best mirror-like surface we could find.
Sebastian Constantine, the producer.
Chloe Booyens and Zoé Barnes.
Seth and David Ruttle
Isobel Laidler posing inside the tree. I like the framing with the leaves.
David Ruttle, Seth and Quintin Langley-Coleman.
“You are messing up my hair!”
Seth poses outside our favourite tree.
Meanwhile inside the tree Zoé Barnes is trying to clear off the marks that the mask left on her skin. A groupie in the background.
Butler one and butler two. Nathaniel Hess and Jiwoo Yoo.
This has nothing to do with the play whatsoever.
Isobel Leidler and Zoé Barnes.
Isobel Leidler and Seth.

Many thanks to the cast and crew for a fun photo shoot. The play is on 17-19 June in the beautiful Clare Fellows’ Garden.

– Johannes

Basil Hallward – Ed Zephyr
Lord Henry Wotton – David Ruttle
Dorian Gray – Seth
Lady Agatha – Zoe Barnes
Duchess of Harley – Chloe Booyens
Sybil Vane – Daisy Jones
Duchess of Monmouth – Anna Snodgrass
Mrs Vane – Isobel Laidler
James Vane – William Sorflaten
Alan Campbell – Daniel Rasbash
Butler 1 – Jiwoo Yoo
Sir Thomas Burden – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Lady Fermor – Isobel Laidler
Butler 2 – Nathaniel Hess
Sex Symbol – Sam Keen

Production Team
Director – Alex King
Producer – Sebastian Constantine
Set Designer – Florrie Priest
Costume Designer – Jessie Mathewson, Flora de Falbe
Tattoo Artist – Sophia Bharmal
Makeup Consultant – Izzy Kent
Makeup Assistant – Sophia Gatzionis
Portrait Artist – Luka Pajovic
Mascot – Posey Mehta

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