The Real Inspector Hound

Yesterday evening The Real Inspector Hound premiered at the ADC theatre. Earlier during the day I had the chance to meet up with the cast and crew to photograph their rehearsal. The play is written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Ronald Prokeš and William Ashford.

“Yes, getting away with murder must be quite easy provided that one’s motive is sufficiently inscrutable.”

“Well, I think I’ll go and oil my gun.”

Tom Stoppard’s one act play, The Real Inspector Hound – a dynamic farce depicting two theatre critics commenting on an absurd parody of a country house murder mystery play. Through a series of events the two critics end up becoming immersed in the performance.

A strange man – Simon Gascoyne – has just entered Muldoon Manor trying to win the heart of Cynthia Muldoon. He is confronted by the jealous Felicity Cunningham and threatened by the vengeful Magnus Muldoon. A shot is heard. Simon lies dead! Who could have murdered him? Cut off from the world, the fear and suspense rise! Their only hope appears to be inspector hound – an enigmatic detective on the hunt for the killer.
Who will the murderer target next?
Will inspector hound be able to get to Muldoon Manor in time?
But most importantly, who IS the real inspector hound?

A tale of love, melodrama, death, music and jealousy…with a twist at the end!
An intellectual comical whodunnit which incorporates live, original music.

(Text from Camdram)

The crew was preparing for the tech rehearsal when I arrived. So while the cast waited for them to finish they did lines in the dressing room, which was a great opportunity to get some fun shots. There were lots of energy and rapid dialogue.

Ben Martineau as Inspector Hound
Clara Strandhoj as Birdboot the theatre critic
Ben Martineau and Isla Iago (as Felicity)
Clara Strandhoj

I had to leave for a few hours, but returned for their dress rehearsal.

Clara Strandhoj and William Ashford as the two art critics.
Lucy Gledhill-Flynn as Mrs Drudge. Btw, note the lighting patterns on the wall in the background. They were a lot of fun for me to play with in the composition.
Jerome Burelbach sneaking on to stage
Lucy Gledhill-Flynn and Jerome Burelbach
Clara Strandhoj and William Ashford
Jerome Burelbach and Isla Iago
Jerome Burelbach, Isla Iago and Lucy Gledhill-Flynn
Cassia Price
Cassia Price and Jerome Burelbach
Millie Foy
Jerome Burelbach and Cassie Price
Clara Strandhoj and William Ashford
Isla Iago
Cassie Price
Cassie Price and Millie Foy
Cassie Price
Clara Strandhoj
Clara Strandhoj and Isla Iago
Clara Strandhoj and Isla Iago
Clara Strandhoj and band member
Millie Foy and Clara Strandhoj
Isla Iago, Clara Strandhoj and Cassie Price
Clara Strandhoj
Clara Strandhoj
Isla Iago and Clara Strandhoj
Isla Iago

The Real Inspector Hound runs as the ADC late show this week, you can find tickets on the ADC webpage. It is a great way to end the evening with an hour of comedy! Many thanks to the cast and crew!

— Johannes


Reviews: The Tab (4.5/5), Varsity (4.5/5)

Cynthia – Cassia Price
Simon – Jerome Burelbach
Radio – Fergus Powell
Dead body – Major Shotoff
Felicity – Isla Iago
Mrs Drudge – Lucy Gledhill-Flynn
Birdboot – Clara Strandhoj
Magnus – Millie Foy
Inspector Hound – Ben Martineau
Moon – William Ashford

Composer – Oliver Vibrans
Basson/Saxophone – Jared Bennet
Cello – Leo Popplewell
Double Bass – David Bossanyi
Piano – Jago Thornton
Drums – Oliver Vibrans
Viola – Harry Bradford

Production Team
Co-director – William Ashford,Ronald Prokes
Assistant Director – Posey Mehta
Producer – Posey Mehta
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Stage Manager – James Wright
Deputy Stage Manager – Alex Ridley
Costume Designer – Natalia Oliveira
Musical Director – Oliver Vibrans
Photographer – Amelia Oakley
Sound Designer – Jen Hutchings
Assistant Musical Director – Toby Matimong
Lighting Designer – Natasha King
Assistant Lighting Designer – Devina Shah
Set designer – Michael Morrison
Cinematographer – Louis Rogers
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Waistcoat provider – Flora de Falbe

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