The Tree

Yesterday I met up with Alfred Molander, Saga Jansson and Anna Sjöberg from Balettakademien for an autumn dance photoshoot. We met up at Universitetet and walked from there to the nearby Brunnsviken. Our first stop was a hill overlooking the water, and on top of that hill was a lonely tree with an interesting shape that found itself the main character in the first series of our photos.

Alfred Molander
Alfred Molander
Saga Jansson
Saga Jansson. There are two kinds of people, those that stay on the ground, and those that climb trees.
Saga Jansson belongs to the latter category, the tree huggers.
Behind the scenes. Saga and Alfred.
Alfred Molander

As it started to rain we decided to head down to the water. There was another tree there with branches going into the water that we decided to climb.

Alfred Molander

Saga and Anna stepped into the water…

Saga Jansson
Saga Jansson
Anna Sjöberg

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Alfred, Saga and Anna for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Alfred, Saga, Anna, Johannes

— Johannes

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