Time of My Life

The University of Cambridge Asia Tour returned to its home for a final set of performances in Fitzpatrick Hall at Queens’ College. I met up with them for a quick photoshoot hours before one of their shows.

“When do we know when we’re happy? Sometimes we say we were happy then or will be happy when, but do we ever realise it now…
All seems well in the Stratton family when husband Gerry, sons Glyn and Adam with their partners Stephanie and Maureen gather to celebrate wife and mother Laura’s 54th birthday at their favourite restaurant. But tensions and secrets lurk beneath the happy, joyous surface – Glyn is trying to rebuild his marriage with Stephanie, Laura disapproves of Adam’s new girlfriend Maureen, and old unspoken feelings lie between Gerry and Laura. Each of these fragile situations needs to be addressed by bringing up the memories of the past, living the uncertainty of the present and coming to terms with the inevitability of the future. 

(Text from Camdram)

Gus Mitchell, Comrie Saville-Ferguson, James Coe, Cara Fung, Becky Shepherdson and Josh McClure.
Josh McClure, Becky Shepherdson, Comrie Saville-Ferguson, Cara Fung, Gus Mitchell and James Coe.
Comrie Saville-Ferguson, James Coe and Becky Shepherdson
Becky Shepherdson, Jessica Murdoch and James Coe.
Jessica Murdoch, Comrie Saville-Ferguson and Gus Mitchell.
Gus Mitchell and Jessica Murdoch.
Josh McClure, Gus Mitchell, James Coe and Jessica Murdoch.
Becky Shepherdson.

A big thank you to the cast of “Time of My Life”. Keep an eye out for the University of Cambridge Asian Tour next year.

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— Johannes

Gerry – Gus Mitchell
Laura – Jessica Murdoch
Glyn – Josh McClure
Stephanie – Cara Fung
Adam – James Coe
Maureen – Becky Shepherdson
Calvinu/Tuto/Aggi/Bengie/Dinka – Comrie Saville-Ferguson

Production Team
Tour Manager – Emily Larcombe
China Coordinator – Hope Chen
Korea Coordinator – Jiwoo Yoo
Director – Claire T-S
Stage Manager – Lily Burge
Technical Director – Mark Danciger
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Oliver Baldock
Logo designer – Atri Banerjee
Hong Kong & China Coordinator – Cara Fung
Educational officer – Becky Shepherdson, Josh McClure
Assistant director/educational officer – Callum Hill

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