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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Isabella Larsson and her little brother Alexander Larsson for a Saturday morning ballet photoshoot. They both study at the Royal Swedish School of Ballet here in Stockholm. The evening before the shoot I had wandered around the Royal Institute of Technology to scout for new places to photograph at. There is a patch of trees in front of the main buildings, right next to Valhalla vägen which caught my attention, from the right angles it looked promising. For the second half of the photoshoot we headed to Tranebergsbron, to get a cleaner more urban look with a concrete background.

Isabella Larsson in a white dress with a small flower crown. I shot it from the side of the alley, to avoid the street in the background.
Alexander Larsson floating in mid air.
Isabella Larsson. One of my favourite photos from the morning.
Alexander Larsson at Tranebergsbron.
Isabella Larsson. This pose was inspired by an instagram photo by Brittany Cavaco (aka @theballerina on Instagram).
Alexander Larsson did some pretty impressive jumps.
Alexander and Isabella Larsson. We wanted to come up with some photo with both of them, after some experimentation we got this.
Isabella Larsson
Isabella Larsson
Alexander Larsson
Isabella Larsson, Grand Jeté.

Do not miss the one minute behind the scenes video we made:

A big thank you to Isabella and Alexander for a fun morning photoshoot!

Instagram: Isabella, Alexander, Johannes

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— Johannes

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