Timeout, disconnected

Nicoleta Guţanu and I did a photoshoot a week ago in Näsbypark. She is working as an IT developer, and during these Covid times it has been a lot of remote working over VPN. Hence the title “Timeout, disconnected” which has a double meaning. Here is our little break from reality, indulging in a bit of Friday escapism in the Green Room.

Nicoleta Guţanu. We were working with sunlight for the first part of the photoshoot.
Nicoleta Guţanu. Golden hour comes earlier during the autumn.
Nicoleta Guţanu
Nicoleta Guţanu
Nicoleta Guţanu has many faces. Hippie style.
Nicoleta Guţanu. For the last part of the photoshoot I brought out the flash, experimenting with different positions of the light.
Nicoleta Guţanu. IT developer by day, secret model by night?

Many thanks to Nicoleta for a fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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  1. October 10, 2020

    Hi Johannes, the image of Nicoleta with her hands by her face is truly elegant. Bravo!

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