Trial by Jury

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society is performing Trial by Jury at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens’ College on June 21st. I met up with the cast in the Old Library at Emmanuel College yesterday for a photoshoot. We had a great time, below is a selection of photos.

From Camdram:

The year is 1968 and the British legal system is as corrupt as ever. The breach of promise of marriage law is still technically in force and Juries remain predominantly male. The arrogant Edwin has been summoned to Court by his ex-fiancée, Angelina, under said law, and against each other they fight to win the trial! Complete with a dodgy Judge, a questionable jury and some dubious decisions, chaos inevitably ensues…

‘Trial by Jury’ is a one act operatic satire of the Victorian British legal system, which will be brought into the 60’s in our exciting rendition of this production!

For more theatre photos, see the theatre category on the blog.

The Learned Judge – Jonathan Whiting
The Defendant, Edwin – Kavi Pau
The Plaintiff, Angelina – Anna Wagner
The Usher – James Ward
The Counsel – Gillian Hurst
The Foreman – Tristan Selden
The Bridesmaids – Constance Ayrton, Nirupa Desai
The Jury – Tom Baarda, Ben Peart,Harry Burke, Cici Carey-Stuart,Adam Fyfe, Lennie Wells, Andreas Bedorf, Harley Jones, Seb Blount
The Press – Coral Dalitz, Isabel E, Katie Green, Victoria Gray,Maddie Paige, Shefali Chander,Renata Stella

Flute I – Rachel Bedwin
Flute II – James Ferrier
Piccolo – James Ferrier
Clarinet I – Adina Wineman
Clarinet II – Alex Hunt
Oboe – Abi Crook
Bassoon – Sarah Bate
Horn I – Ella McCoshan
Horn II – Callum Sullivan
Trumpet I – Martin Dibb-Fuller
Trumpet II – Addison Shore
Trombone I – Oliver Shenton
Trombone II – Oliver Philcox
Violin I – Emily Wright, Karthik Kumar, Johanna Finnemann
Violin II – Philip Leung, Cleo Loi
Viola – Lucy Crocker, Alex Gunasekera, Cleo Loi
Cello – John Hutchinson, Adrian del Ser
Double Bass – Daniel Heydecker
Percussion – Tiffany Lee

Production Team
Director – Tiffany Charnley
Producer – Anna Smith
Musical Director – Robert Nicholas
Assistant Director – Luke Thomas
Assistant Producer – Isabel E,Tristan Selden
Choreographer – Harry Burke, Tiffany Charnley
Assistant Musical Director – Cleo Loi
Associate Director – Peter Minnig
Répétiteur – Pierre Riley, Stephen Gage
Repetiteur – Richard Decker
Set Builder/Painter – Ellie Coverdale,Ash Pratt-Jarvis
Props Queen – Hope Whitehead
Publicity Designer – Anna Palma Balint
Lighting Designer – James Ireland
Production Trailer Cinematographer -Cameron Brown
Headshot and rehearsal photographer – Anna Gawedzka
Programme Designer – Tristan Selden
Production Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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