Under Milk Wood

Rebecca Vaa contacted me about doing a photoshoot with Under Milk Wood.

“Under Milkwood is a physical theatre show which is being done in a dark creepy room in Trinity, and the director wants pictures taken of the cast where they’re playing around with different props and where some of them have UV lipstick on, and there’s one picture where a girl is supposed to have casette tape around her throat and stuff. And then they’re supposed to be a bit dark and creepy on top of all that, I think :b”

How can you say no to that?

We started out quite modestly applying the UV lipstick only to the lips. Here Anna Snodgrass under the UV light.
Introducing the cassette tapes into the mix. Anna Snodgrass and Kathryn Cussons.
One more photo of Anna Snodgrass before she had to dash off.
Olivia Gillman framed by hands and lit by a light from the left.
Of course lipstick can be applied to more than just lips. Kathryn Cussons in front of the camera. We had some six small torches that gave off white light to complement the UV lamp.
Rute Costa with two colours of lipstick.
Sophie Leydon
Sophie Leydon
Kathryn Cussons
Niamh Curran
Kathryn Cussons
Kathryn Cussons
Kathryn Cussons and Rute Costa
Kathryn Cussons
Esther Raffell and Jack Eastwood
Rute Costa and Kathryn Cussons

One thing I found fascinating about this shoot was that we lit all the photos by using one UV flashlight and a lot of cheap torches. This just proves that you do not need expensive equipment if you have a group of friends willing to join you for a photoshoot.

Many thanks to the cast of Under Milk Wood for a fun photoshoot!

Performer – Anna Snodgrass, Rute Costa, Sophie Leydon,Niamh Curran
Perfomer – Olivia Gillman
Performer – Kathryn Cussons, Esther Raffell, Beth Barker

Production Team
Producer – Rebecca Vaa
Director – Jack Eastwood
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Dance Choreographer – Elise Limon

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