Varsity Volleyball

This past Saturday Cambridge and Oxford played here at the Cambridge University Sports Centre, which is just around the corner from where I live. It was a tough game, and despite playing a strong third set, Oxford finally won the game. Here is a selection of the photos from the day. I was shooting it mostly with my 85 mm lens, to get in a bit closer without disturbing the game.

The Cambridge team taking a time-out. Alice Hsieh, Victoria Fernandes, Christiana Smyrilli and Emese Thamó.
The referees do a great job. Here I have cleaned up the background a bit in Photoshop to allow your eyes to more quickly focus on the referee. Aleks Andra, Jennifer Bellamy, Laura Pittman and Monika Stegmann.
One thing I realised too late was that I should have taken more photos of the people on the bench. Natali Karaskova.
I like how the moment is frozen in time. Maya Wright, Agata Kurczyńska, Josephine Socratous, Christiana Smyrilli and Aleks Andra.
Another one of these frozen moments. This one is a bit cleaner around the ball, but the bleachers in the background are quite distracting making the contours of the players disappear. Lucia Cilloni, Caitlin de Jode and Josephine Socratous.
I spotted the t-shirt, and tried to frame it with a bit of the game in the background.
In this photo I like how you can sense what it is like to be the server, with all the players waiting for your first move. Emese Thamó serving.
Cambridge scores a point! Compare the body language of the two sides.
Happy Cambridge players. Oxford won the day though. Victoria Fernandes, Jennifer Bellamy, Natali Karaskova, Agata Kurczyńska and Christiana Smyrilli.
Cambridge had great support, and the third set was really close, with Cambridge leading for most of the set. Marcel Meyer, Hanns Hagen Goetzke, Konrad Wolkowski, Alexander Frank and Michael Menden.
The game is over…
Team Cambridge. Christiana Smyrilli (11), Lucia Linares, Alicia Krozer (12), Victoria Fernandes (6), Emese Thamó (9), Caitlin de Jode (5), Josephine Socratous (14), Aleks Andra (3), Lucia Cilloni (15), Agata Kurczyńska (16), Jennifer Bellamy (4), Alice Hsieh (coach), Natali Karaskova (13) and Maya Wright (2).
Cambridge and Oxford teams. Monika Stegmann, Zinaida Montenegrin, Christiana Smyrilli, Alicia Krozer, Lucia Linares, Andrea Lei Leston, Victoria Fernandes, Emese Thamó, Josephine Socratous, Caitlin de Jode, Fiona Tay, Aleks Andra, Agata Kurczyńska, Lucia Cilloni, Alice Hsieh, Jennifer Bellamy, Natali Karaskova, Martina Meisnar, Maya Wright, Julia Knoche, Laura Pittman, Nicola Trendel and Jowita Mieszkowska.
Team Oxford, victorious! Michael D’Angeli, Martina Meisnar (2), Nicola Trendel (5), Andrea Lei Leston (14), Fiona Tay (15), Monika Stegmann (12), Zinaida Montenegrin (8), Laura Pittman (13), Julia Knoche (6) and Jowita Mieszkowska (9).

It was fun to photograph, I wish Cambridge would have won, but Oxford deserved the victory. They played a better game. Here is the blog post from the Varsity Game back in March in Oxford, and from November last year.

– Johannes


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