Vida Pole Ploppis

Yesterday Vida Pole had a pole dance flea market, or as they call it a “ploppis” (pole + loppis, the Swedish word for flea market). On the far side of the studio I did a photoshoot with some of the pole dancers attending the ploppis. Here is a selection of the photos, you can find the rest of them on Facebook.

Andrea Nordstöm
Andrea Nordstöm
Sandra Omidvar
Andrea Nordstöm
Andrea Westman
Ida Rosén
Sofia Källbom
Tove Raquette and Lykke Astrid Sigurd
Andrea Nordström
Behind the scenes with Andrea and Andrea.
Andrea Westman

Thanks to Vida Pole and the dancers for a fun evening. You can find out more about the pole dance studio on their webpage.

Instagram: Vida Pole, Johannes

— Johannes

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