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This past week I have been in Palermo for the annual Code Jam. This time of the year there are no direct flights from Stockholm to Palermo, so I made a small detour to Vienna on the way. There were two firsts in the same week, first time in Vienna and first time on Sicily. Stefanie, one of my friends from the Cambridge years, is currently in Vienna, so we met up on Saturday for a photoshoot and a wander around the town.


We headed out into the city after the sun set, to try and capture some of the Christmas lights. On the way we passed one of the bridges across Donau where there was a bright light next to a wall of graffiti.
The red lights of Vienna. Stefanie. When walking past the evening before I was struck by how many red lights you could see along this one way street. The giant red lights in the sky, and the red car lights worked together, so we decided to do a photo on the zebra crossing.

We also experimented a bit with long exposure. By having Stefanie stand still, the people passing by got blurred.
There were these orbs of light, so for the last photo we did a little bit of Photoshop magic. Image of the moon courtesy of NASA.

Many thanks to Stefanie for a fun evening of photographing!

— Johannes

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