Frozen in Motion

I met up with Josefine Heidel, Inka Keränen, Felicia Andersson and Rebekka Haukeland from the Royal Swedish Ballet School for a dance photoshoot in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. We started at Skeppar Olofs gränd, which is a beautiful little alley surrounded by old buildings. It was a bit chilly so a big priority was to stay warm during the shoot.

Inka Keränen playing around with her cardigan.
Felicia Andersson
Josefine Heidel. Red is a great colour, as it helps the dancer stand out from the background.
Inka Keränen. Sometimes you can make a more interesting pose by not showing everything. Here Inka is hiding her face with her arms.
Josefin Heidel and Felicia Andersson. Inspired by Mary Poppins.
Inka Keränen getting creative with the poses.
Felicia Andersson, Inka Keränen and Josefine Heidel. They spotted the three gates outside Tessinska palatset which was perfect for a group photo.
Josefine Heidel outside the Royal Palace.
Felicia Andersson. One of my favourite spots in Gamla Stand is Branting Torget.
Inka Keränen. Frozen in Motion.
Felicia Andersson
Inka Keränen
Rebekka Haukeland playing around with alternative shapes.
Josefine Heidel, Inka Keränen and Rebekka Haukeland.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Josefine, Inka, Felicia, Rebekka and Inka’s mother Katja for a fun photoshoot.

Instagram: Josefine, Inka, Felicia, Rebekka, Johannes

For more ballet photos, check the ballet tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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