Waiting for Persephone

As some of you might know I am renovating my new apartment, and like everyone else I try and document the progress. Only difference is that I like to include dancers in my photos. So this past Sunday Sara Larsson joined me for a photoshoot. For those wondering, Persephone is the goddess of Spring. I thought it fitting since we were indoors in a dark space, looking for spots of sunlight.

Sara Larsson. You can not tell from the photo, but the floor is covered by renovation paper, and I photoshopped the edge where the paper intersected the wall.
Sara Larsson. We kept Sara’s face in shadow, while allowing the sun to provide a nice highlight for the hair.
Sara Larsson. Here I am making use of the ladder to get a higher vantage point.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson. The floor needs to be polished and painted, another thing on my todo list.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson. I went outside to shoot through the glass and get a bit of reflection.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson. This one was quite fun, here we use a projector.
Sara Larsson. One of my windows in the living room faces west, and as the sun was about to set we got this beautiful orange light.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson. Just 3-4 minutes later the orange light had turned blue.

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A big thank you to Sara for joining me for a fun photoshoot.

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