Linnéa Hult choreographed a new piece, and this past Sunday she and the sixteen dancers met up with Daniel Lyione to film it. I was invited to do some photography, so here are some of my behind the scenes photo from the filming, and you can see their dance video at the end. We also did some individual photos with the dancers. Here is a glimpse from the day!

Filming in progress
Linnéa Hult and Daniel Lyione. They filmed the entire video as a one-take using a drone.
In action!

After they finished filming, we had a bit of time for individual photos. Here are some of my favourite photos we took.

Kyra Bergman
Fannie Johansson
Kia Järnåsen
Frida Jonasson
Vania Kadir
Johanna Primavera
Mirjam Jones, Kia Järnåsen and Linnéa Hult photobombing

Here is the finished dance video (TO BE ADDED)

Samina Lindblad @saminalindblad
Louise Wallentin @louisewallentin
Gabriella Tapia @geetay0
Johanna Primavera @johannaprim
Mia Jones @miiaajones
Annie Dahlin @annie_dahlin
Kyra Bergman @kyrabergman
Christel Nilsen @christelnilsen
Fannie Johansson @fanniejohanssonnn
Lovisa Lindberg @lovisalindberg
Vania Kadier @vaniakadir
Signe Lidén @signeliden
Kia Järnåsen @kiajarnasen
Jacqueline Sogell @jacquelinesogell
Frida Jonasson @fridajonassonnn
Frida Sjögren @frida.sjogren

Choreo: Linnéa Hult @linneahult
Video: Daniel Lyione @lyionemedia

Many thanks to Linnéa and the crew for a fun day!

— Johannes

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